Expect the unexpected with Rich and his 'Drifters' - anything from blues to bluegrass, including music that knows no bounds. This versatile "friends first" band that can perform as a trio, quartet, quintet or beyond with special guests, revels in blurring boundaries and mixing genres. How are they "drifters?" The extended cast of talented friends and musicians drift in and out based on availability and need.

Jeff and Rich have played together since 1993 when they recorded the soundtrack for "Sittin' On Top Of The World," a Dick Crenson documentary about the adaptive reuse of the old Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge into what would become Walkway Over The Hudson State Historic Park. The music and video was actually shot on top of the bridge.

In addition, each July Jeff and Rich travel to Bluff Utah with St. John's Episcopal Church (Kingston) to conduct an annual music program teaching guitar and dobro to Navajo children.

Filling out the band are Peter Conklin on mandolin and guitar and the newest Drifter, multi-instrumentalist Jim Sullivan on bass, banjo, ukulele, and guitar. All the Drifters sing and vocal harmonies are a high priority for the band.

Occasionally, when a more rockin' sound is appropriate, Drifter alumnus Rusty Boris joins in on electric guitar and bass.

For information regarding bookings or gig times/directions in the events calendar, please call Jeff at 845-332-6566.

  • Rich Hines: Guitar, Vocals

    Rich Hines' musicality dates back to his teenage years when he played in a high school jug band.  Now he plays guitar, banjo, and harmonica.  This outfit expands Heinzevino!'s sound into new territory with an expanded repertoire and additional musicians.

  • Jeff Anzevino: Dobro, Harmonica

    Jeff Anzevino slides around on the resophonic guitar.  Although Jeff is founder and president of the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association, his musical interests transcend bluegrass, extending to Western Swing, blues, old time, and popular genres.

  • Rusty Boris: Bass

    Rusty, who plays bass as well as guitar, moonlights as a music instructor and busy side man.  He plays with the bluegrass band "No Brakes," as well as other jazz ensembles.


  • Peter Conklin: Mandolin, Bass

    Pete Conklin, a musician with 25 years experience has joined the group on mandolin and bass, which will free up Rusty to break loose on some countryfried electric guitar.  In addition to his current role in Albany-area band "Out of the Bluegrass," Pete has played previously in the rock band Lost Dawg Woody.

  • Jim Sullivan: Bass, Banjo, Ukelele, Guitar

    The newest "Drifter," Jim Sullivan, lives in Rosendale today but his Woodstock raising exposed him to the music of the Traum brothers and their pals and shaped his musical preferences.. He spent many years directing and practicing 14th to 17th Century music. specializing in Spanish music. Jim directed the Lynchburg Early Music Consort for five years, but eventually fell for more modern "old time music" and then "country music" always with a focus on singing. Attending Jay Unger and Molly Mason's camps influenced his tastes, honed his chops, and has led to all kinds of wonderful friendships and musical experiences. Jim plays guitar, banjo and bass, loves to sing and he also toots on a variety of early instruments, including the lute. These days, also plays with "Too Much Fun."

“Old Train"

“No Hard Times"

“Saint James Infirmary"

For information about Rich Hines & The Hillbilly Drifters contact Jeff Anzevino at 845-332-6566.


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