In our third go-around, David Gandin, representing the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association, presented six classes at The Center for Lifetime Study held at Locust Grove in Poughkeepsie.

Fred Robbins was there to capture all of the classes and the fabulous musicians who so ably demonstrated their instruments.

Featuring Jim Gaudet and The Railroad Boys

After the success of Evolution of Bluegrass in 2012, the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association and The Center for Lifetime Study teamed up, once again, to present Evolution of Bluegrass 2014.

Eric Rosi-Marshall was the class presenter and Fred Robbins videotaped the six sessions.

Featuring Ambrose Verdibello on fiddle

In the Spring of 2012, the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association and The Center for Lifetime Study, Marist College's peer-lead education program for indiviuals 55 years and older, presented Evolution of Bluegrass. There were six sessions with speakers and featured musicians. The final session brought together the individual musicians for a bluegrass concert.

The entire series of six classes was filmed by Fred Robbins.

Presenter: Jerry Oland
Kalia Yeagle, fiddle

With a Grant from the Dutchess Arts Council in 2009, the HVBA presented an educational program for the Poughkeepsie Day School. Click on each icon to view the videos filmed by Fred Robbins.


It was a special Special Consensus Day in Poughkeepsie on Friday, February 11, 2011.  The students and faculty of Oakwood Friends School were treated to a concert and a presentation of bluegrass music by Greg Cahill, Rick Faris, Dave Thomas, and Ryan Roberts.  What an enthusiastic audience and what a great bluegrass "lesson."  About 150 students attended the session that was followed by a question and answer period.


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