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The Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association (a non-profit organization) is committed to bringing the very best bluegrass music to the public.

In addition to our open jams & educational programs, we publish many of our concerts on YouTube. This takes an enormous amount of time and money.

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The following audio clips are available for you.  All of the following CDs are waiting for someone (like YOU) to review them.  Listen to a clip from each of them and let us know which CD you would like to have for reviewing.

These days, there are seemingly endless options available for learning to play the mandolin. Books, DVD's, On-Line Music Schools ... all of these are helpful and certainly have their place. However, to fast track your ability to play and enjoy the instrument and to take your musicianship to the "next level" nothing beats lessons given one-on-one, either "live" or via Skype.

I teach mandolin (and entry level guitar) from my home in Chester, NY (Orange County) and via Skype. I've been playing and teaching mandolin for over thirty years and have made my musical home in the American roots styles of bluegrass, blues, jazz, and old-time ... with a healthy dose of Classical, Celtic and Choro music thrown in for good

If you are interested in finding players in your area to jam with:

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Membership in the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association includes your entire household and is only $15/year.    Your membership entitles your household members to discounts for HVBA events and supports bluegrass in the area.

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