Note: Moonshine Falls is a Member Band of the HVBA

Dave McKeon of Moonshine Falls was awarded first prize in the song writing contest at the Podunk Bluegrass Festival on August 13th. His song "Sweet Annie Mae" had already gotten praise by No Depression, Journal of Roots Music describing it as seamless with traditional bluegrass songs with the story of "a joyful celebration of a fiancee who says, "yes". Sweet Anne Mae, with her driving mandolin and banjo tracks. Listeners are immediately uplifted into a buoyant bluegrass frame of mind that lasts until the last note". In his review of Moonshine Falls' debut album, Weeds in the Ballast, Mark Hudson of the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association describes it as having a "bluegrass swing and a joyful lilt" and goes further to complement Dave's song writing ability stating the song shows "real songwriting talent accompanied by true musicianship".

Moonshine Falls is making a name for themselves having performed at the Joe Val Festival, the Wilmington Winter Bluegrass Festival,the Podunk Bluegrass Festival, the Long Island Bluegrass Festival as well as performing in the Netherlands and Germany.


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